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1. Do u must go up the ranks the way it says and even if someone is ur friend don’t promote them because of that.

2. Respect other people and the members of EPF.

3. Do not take action on other clan members without thinking unless authorized by the CF or the pres.

4. The clan tag must be [EPF](rank){your log-in name}. Failed to follow this and u will be warned then u will be punished if u ignored it twice.

5. Do not make any wars to other clans until it is authorized.

6. Show the true meaning as a Earth Protection Force soldier.(Protect the Earth)

7. You are allowed to make peace with other clans and must inform the admins about making peace.

8. The Government doesn’t give orders to the Military, and neither does the Military ordering the Government.

9. Do NOT be a Noob.

10. Be wise when making a decision during an event or meeting.

11. Talk nicely to the Officers or Founder, and they will talk nicely to you.

12. You’re allowed to overthrow the Government if they failed to make the Clan better.

13. If any problems you encounter occur, talk to the Member Counselors immediately. (You will be given many solutions to face the problem)

14. Being Chairman, President, or Judge has a term of 1 month, otherwise results in removal of the following rank.

15. Being part of the Founder group is permitted by the CF. (if the member’s performance in EPF is exulted or if he thinks u deserve it)

16. Before becoming President, Chairman, or Judge, you must be accepted by the Popular Sovereignty.

17. When Joining a Earth Protection Force, you must have a Red skin (Falkok skin doesn’t count) in general.

18. As part of the government’s dress code, the Judge will wear a blue skin.

19. From #17, you can wear the red skin to represent your a member, but you can now become a android T-01187 to signal that your the security and the regular CS to show your a soldier in an army that heads to war.

20.Do not attack our Allies unless they attack you.

21.If our enemies enter a room with you waste them until they start spilling candy……and Tacos. :3

22.If we are at war the president is permitted to stay in office until the war ends only if the war started near the end of his Presidency.

23.If you suspect someone of being a spy notify me or a high up government official.

24.If someone joins EPF that you do not like, only kill them if he agrees to duel.

25.Spilling the blood of an innocent will NOT be tolerated unless he is a complete douche.


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